New GLPI 10 version? (RELEASED AS nethserver-glpi-10-latest)

It is official, GLPI10 has been released.
Release 10.0.0 · glpi-project/glpi (


on holidays next week, will try to make the work…



Heck yeah! Will start using it next week for sure!

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GLPI GLPI 10.0.1 Now Available
Release 10.0.1 · glpi-project/glpi (

how to trade with glpi10 and plugins not compatible

Do I release anyway glpi 10 and we break working installation
DO I release a rpm nethserver-glpi-10

maybe just add a warning somewhere that some plugins are not compatible and that it’s up to the user to find out which ones

the issue is that actually my rpm does an automatic update to glpi10, no warnings are possible :confused:

  • in average how much time it takes for the plugins to be compatible with a new version (so the main glpi package release can be delayed). Cannot cover all plugins but maybe the most popular ones.
  • is it possible to do a package downgrade without much hassle or without adverse effects (database…)?

I think Shane means something like a note in the wiki.

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yes sorry I should have been more specific

Sorry but i don’t understand how to install GLPI10; when i use your repo it installed 9.5.7

removed of the repository because you the plugins are not yet all compatible

So is not possible to install even downloading rpm?

yum install

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38 compatible plugins glpi10, 14 not compatible glpi10

what do you think ?

Hello, has this module been updated, with the latest fixes, 10.02

no even not relased as glpi10

GLPI native inventory looks kinda cool

But i still did not manage to make it work within nethserver (stephdl package), i am currently with this error when trying to reach server:

:~$ sudo glpi-agent --server
[info] target local0: local /tmp
[info] running task RemoteInventory
[info] running task Inventory
[info] New inventory from SRP-OPER03-2022-07-27-13-30-37 for local0 (tag=SRP-OPER03)
[info] Inventory saved in /tmp/SRP-OPER03-2022-07-27-13-30-37.xml
[info] target server0: server
[info] sending prolog request to server0
[error] [http client] internal response: 500 Can't connect to (hostname verification failed)
[error] No answer from server at

Acording to this:
Configuration — GLPI Agent 1.3 documentation i am doing the right thing…

anyway, i will get back here if i manage to get it working.

maybe reverse proxy, or maybe i need 443 to point to /glpi :slight_smile: but inside my network that should not be a problem… well :confused:

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Btw, managed to get glpi-agent working.

At least for me, i need to use a valid URL, even if my server is in localnetwork.

Anyway, its a pretty good inventory! :slight_smile:

Now i lost glpi passoword… hahahaha, dang! :frowning:

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If the application (like Mattermost) requires a virtualhost… yeah, it does.