New Cockpit IPS missing, Software

Some questions to the new cockpit:

Where are the IPS?
Where is the link to evebox in applications?
How to find installed software vs. availablesoftware

Software Center → Intrusion Prevention System

Applications → IPS → Dashboard: Open Evebox

Availabe software: in software center
Installed software: in applications (apps can be removed from there)

I only have “Settings” at the right side of “IPS”. No “Open EveBox”. In “Settings” I find only the settings but again no link to EveBox. With nTopNG the text “nTopNG” is clickable and opens the nTopNG application, but in IPS, there is no link.

You’re right, I missed the settings button:
Applications -> IPS (Settings) -> IPS Dashboard: Open Evebox

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Thanks. There should be a direct link as in nTopNG.

What does “add to home page” do in the applications panel?

It adds a link for that “application” in the home page (server’s FQDN or IP without specifiyng the server-manager port):

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Nice Customization.
If I put nTopNG on the home page, there is no authorization. Is this correct?

Yes, I assume you are right. If the app has no authorization and it is added to the home page everyone will be able to access it. :frowning:


How can the rspamd application be accessed from the new cockpit?

Applications -> Email (Settings) -> Filter: Rspamd user interface: Open

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Thanks. Another question: The old interface hat a nice logfile search dialog. Is this gone or hidden somewhere, which I didn’t find it?

Also also do not find the DNS entry for the server itsselt. It used to be in the network panel in the old interface.

As far as I know it is gone or redefined.

From System > Logs you can browse indexed logs filtering them by date, severity and service. Base system — NethServer 7 Final

From many other sections and applications you can find their relevant logs, which you can follow live as they change, and some have implemented a search filter (like IPS module that has a regexp search). Chances are that, with time, a search filter will be implemented for other modules, but that’s a question for the developers.

There is also an embedded Terminal console you could use for that and many other purposes.

System > Dashboard > DNS (link)

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