New build of Sogo

This is a open chat with @stephdl about a (refactor) of a new Sogo build,

continuing form SOGo does not start - segfault error 6 in libgnustep-base to avoid confision.

proposals for a the next Sogo build:

build against a new version (0,11.6) of libwbxml

I’d like to get rid of that silly release tag. About 4 years ago somehow a sope nightly-build ended up in the nethserver repository. Since then we where newer able to have straight forward versioning in line with the source version and sogo packages; instead of sope49-*-4.9-20191218_1900.ns7 like it to be sope49-*-4.9-4.2.0.ns7. This would also remove a manual action while building Sogo prone to error…
Problem is AFAIK we need to EPOCH the sope pacakges to let it be an update…