New Arm processor that sets a new standard?

Just saw a news item on a Dutch tech website about new ARM “cloud” processors. It makes the ARM platform suitable for (very) large scale implementations. I was surprised these developments are there and was still thinking of rpi and mobile phone socs when picturing ARM processors.
This company has developed an ARM processor with up to 128 cores… That’s a lot of cores…
@mark_nl Do you work with these processors too? Could you shed some light on pro’s and cons of large ARM implementations?

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Actually no, I can’t.

My job deals with much MUCH smaller arm cores (mo…m4) found in those tiny micro-controllers.
You may think of it as adruino-stuff (which is a AVR core not arm, but to clarify :sunglasses:).

However still did not lose the hope more powerful arm-hardware becomes mainstream although the progress is disappointing. I guess we need to wait for the Chinese to go ahead.

Maybe the newest RPI4 with 8G ram set’s a new standard to speed up development . :grinning:

Recently it was rumored (again) in the news that the coming year Apple is gonna ship ARM CPUs on some Mac line. So there’s that.

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Apple ditching Intel in Macs for their own (Arm) soc is more than a rumor:


Which marketeer came up with this??:

… world-class custom silicon to deliver industry-leading performance and powerful new technologies