New acronyms for hard drive technologies

The “storage conglomerate™” Western Digital Corporation (WD, Sandisk, Sandisk Pro, HGST) is proud (but not that much) to unveil some new “chunky boys” for magnetic recording.
Ultrastar DC HC570 is a brand new CMR HDD drive capable of store 22TB* of data in SAS and SATA flavour. Disk in among Data Center Drive category, with an update technology called ePMR; accordingly with the media release (2020) this should improve data writing precision, with an increased data density. A 128MiB Flash memory is also part of the set; OptiNAND should store only metadata of the information stored into magnetic storage.

Not enough for you data starve? Fine by me.
On the “other” (darker, edgy, reckless ) side of magnetic recording you can find Ultrastar DC HC670. 2.6TB par platter, this 3,5 hard drive can store up to 26TB* of data adopting the SMR technology (not suggested for ZFS).
Luckily (AKA spanking session called WD Red SMR Class Action) the drives are explicitly addressed as SMR devices, even with the “Data Center” prefix. As writer opinion, “datacenter” and “SMR” are mutual exclusion, but your mileage may vary.
As a matter of fact, the new incarnation of SMR, named “UltraSMR” is a quite solid +30% increase of data storage since the last “chunky boi” 20TB hard drive announced during 2020.

At time of writing this post, no link available for the second hard drive and the press release from WesternDigital, which allowed selected sites for announcing the “new whopping dudes”.