New acls not applied to sub folders

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: File Server

Hi All,

I’ve successfully set up a nethserver fileserver but am having some issue swith permissions. When I set up a new share everything work great for the users I add to that group on creation but if I add users or groups as ACLs after files or folders have been created the prviously created files folders retain the previous permissions.

I can manually change the security of each folder from a windows PC but this doesn’t seem very practical and I wondered if I’m missing something obvious?

Let me rephrase…

  1. Group Team created with 3 users (John, Amy, Sue)
  2. New share named Sales with the permission gave to the group Team
  3. John creates the folder Project
  4. User Bob is added to group Team
  5. Bob has correct permissions into Sales share, but not into subdir Project

If everything is correct, how later the add of Bob to Team the ACLs were signaled/verified as not compliant?

Hi Pike,

Not quite I created my shares all with domain admin as the owner and then added various acl goups.
For a share sales1, sales group had access at the time of creation but marketing group did not.

I then copied over previously created files from a windows file server using freefilesync but without retaining permissiosn etc.

I then subsequently added the marketing group as a new acl on the share and whilst anyone in that group can now create new folders or content in the root folder they cannot create or edit content in sub folders previously created by sales.

(We quite often have that situation here where groups need to be added to shares after they are created.)

Ideally what I’d like is something similar to what would happen on a windows fileserver , where the change in permissions would be applied to all files and sub folders that already exist.

Hi Is this just a case of changing the dafult behaviour for setfacl to -R?


If so is there an e-smith template I can create a custom version of?

You may reset the permissions, it should apply new ACLs to files and folders.
Check out the docs for more details.

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Perfect Thank you!

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