Network weirdness

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Networking

I’m having some really weird issues with the networking on my Nethserver install. I was using it as a router/firewall in a fairly complicated network setup. IPSec, multiple OpenVPN clients with routing between, plus two /29s for my WAN setup and multiple hosts utilizing SNAT.
Everything was working great for awhile until about February or March of this year when lan hosts would randomly stop being able to see each other. Same network, I use a setup and some DHCP clients would stop being able to communicate with the host at And would stop being able to communicate with other hosts, but would still be available to the internet and port forwarding still worked.
To fix this issue I would go into the Network screen and click “Configure” on the lan interface and just click “Next”, “Next”, “Edit” to reset the interface and everything would be working again like normal.
I finally decided to move away from Nethserver being the firewall and installed an OPNSense appliance and removed the virtual IPs and SNAT configurations and disabled the red interface in Nethserver and disabled the DHCP server and changed the LAN ip address from to
The issue now is that Nethserver seemingly at random can not see some local hosts. I will try to ping something like and get 2 pings back and then nothing. It also can’t see the new router at and cannot see it’s own DNS server at, even though other devices on the network can ping just fine.
The Users & Groups page sometimes shows the user list and sometimes it doesn’t… It depends on when I refresh.

I have no idea what’s going on and am looking for some input on where I should start looking.
Thanks for any ideas or recommendations! I’ve been pulling my hair out for some time on this!

Did you check the IP-Address of your Account Provider? She is not accidentally identical (