Network Drive Mapping Policy & Drive Letter Assignment

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Management

I am putting this out there to the Nethserver Developers to build a policy within the Web GUI which interacts with Samba and creates Drive Maps.

We would like to create a drive map to a network address
We would like to edit the permissions for users and groups to these drive maps
We would like to mount these drive maps on domain joined devices on startup

This has been achieved in the earlier version of Nethserver called SME Server which i believe is now called Koozali…

It would be nice to be able to give a system administrator / operations manager within an organization a login to the GUI to manage these configurations along with certain other modules such as creating and removing email addresses. Resetting passwords and so forth.

Am I alone in thinking this feature has become a fundamental requirement for most small to medium business based servers?

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Hi @Thyran_John_Wright,

You are not alone. You are able to do it via RSAT tools and GPOs but doing it oldschool style and without M$ may also be interesting.

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There are much requests on having this feature as for some cases RSAT is not available, enough or is just not working. As pointed out already there was an SME contrib that did that job.

@stephdl, do you think it’s possible to “convert” the contrib? Is it possible for me to do it as I have absolutely no experience with SME modules, maybe with a little help of you?

@davidep, is something like this already planned in future windows server page?

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GPOs are actually text files under sysvol. As written somewhere, I think we should see if it’s possible to write e-smith templates for specific use-cases, like roaming profiles, home dirs, netlogon.bat…

I worked a lot on AD during the past year, now I’m on the mail server. I don’t know when I’ll find the time for GPOs at the moment. Another important enhancement is the multi-DC support. I hope to be there soon (7.6?). But Samba itself does not support sysvol replication by now…

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