Network discovery problems windows 11> Neth7

Hi all, I have credited a windows 11 pro on neth 7 and at the moment everything is ok. I only have a problem that browsing the net I can only see windows 10 pc and that’s it. I activated some rules on the windows firewall relating to the 3 network levels (public, private, dfomino) allowing any app to enter and exit network traffic. Nothing at the moment. Also I have activated the legacy of smb 1.0 but nothing … Suggestions?

Results of

ping %NethServerIpAddress%
ping %NethServerHostName%

Start - > run



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Hello, the server if I pin it or through unc es. \ neth7 from network resources I see it. But in the network list no, basically if I want to see the computers on the network I have to type \ unc.

So if you go


you see the shares.
Now, if you go “upper level” from the share list? What does Windows Explorer show?

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Is nethserver-avahi installed? Maybe IPv6 issue?

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This issue is caused by the missing WSDD service inNethServer.
Win10 needs the WSDD service to list the host. Older Version, eg Win7 used simple NetBIOS listing on SMB1…

See eg here:

WSDD can easily be installed on NethServer, zB:

yum install -y wsdd
systemctl enable wsdd
systemctl restart wsdd

Configuring WSDD:

nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/wsdd.service
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart wsdd

ExecStart=/usr/bin/wsdd --shortlog -p -d HOME -n Home-NethServer

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WSD on a Synology NAS (Built-In):

QNAP also has this somewhere, TrueNAS seems to have this already built-In! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you for making me remember the wssd. I docuto activate it in a context where I installed a XIGMANAS and I had the same problem. But how does wssd work out with older systems? win7 pro?

Thanks Markuz, first of all I try the wssd. Thanks


Win7 and older still use the available NetBIOS broadcasting and work with or without WSDD…

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Ok, but what happens is that all PCs see windows 11, but he only sees a few …


Yes, it IS a problem only for Win10 and newer (Also Windows Servers 2019…).
The last 25 years, Microsoft Windows Networking has used NetBIOS / WINS.
Until in Win10, updaty XX, it was removed…

So all other PCs / Macs / Linux still see everything, only Windows 10 has a “filter” on what he sees…

Windows10 is “broken”, the others not!

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Anyway I did a windows network reset and the result is this!



On both my Win10 boxes, one VM,one real, the Network settings just disappear when I click on it. Can’t be opened…
When I want to restart, it tells about the running program, but it can’t be seen…

It was working a few days ago…



however, by restoring the Windows settings for the network as shown in the image, everything works. I don’t know whether to smile or are you afraid…. as they say a good restart solves everything!


I do want to try that, but on both my Windows I can’t open the Network Settings… :frowning:
I see the empty Windows for a few seconds, then it dissapears completly. Sometimes when restarting, I see a message it’s still running - just no window to be seen… :frowning:

It was working about 3-4 weeks ago, I used that to test VPN stuff… :frowning:

Hi Andy_Wismer,
I install the wsdd service as you wrote, on NS7.9.
It runs perfect and now all Win10 stations can find the “NS7 server” in front of others.
Thank you

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Proposal for adding the packages as default for fileserver module.


A samba patch was proposed but was marked as WONTFIX:

Here’s a good explanation on the discovery problems and solutions:

On the readme (or man) in the wsdd link posted by Andy are some notes on VPN, security and alike.


From your explanation link (Quite well written…):

“If you absolutely want to see and list your Samba servers in the Windows Explorer of a Win 10 client, use the " Web-Service-Discovery " service via a WSDD-daemon provided by a Python script of Steffen Christgau.”

That’s the link i provided above…


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Yep. Just a more verbose version.