Network Bonding - Opinions

I’ve been using bonding on my NIC’s for quite some time now. I was wondering, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a selector of the type of bonding the user desires to use? Today, the mode defaults to round-robin, this of course can be changed by updating the templates and such but to cleanly select what you’d like to use would be more beneficial… just my two-cents.

What is everyone else’s opinion?


I expressed my opinion here:

Would you mind adding your there? Thanks.

I think that having this into the UI with selectable option will be a big plus for NS.

What do you think ?



I’m agree with the selectable option in the UI proposal.

Thanks to @islipfd19 for pointing this out! The enhancement proposed by @filippo_carletti is now ON_QA released! Please install and test it :blush:

a default value of 100ms was added to miimon option. Please test it!