Nethvoice module in Nethserver 7.9.2009

Hello @all ,

I can’t see the nethvoice module on my Nethserver 7.9.2009 dashboard .Please can you help me or can you tell me if it is with payment this service .I am in dashboard ,and I want to install Nethvoice inside Nethserver but it doesn’t exist .

Thank you !


Nethvoice is a paid module of Nethserver Enterprise version.
I believe you must be a Nethesis partner with a valid subscription agreement for resale of Nethvoice in order to use it.


If you want still to have a PBX without an Enterprise subscription, you can install nethserver-freepbx from the software center.

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Thanks Giacomo . I want nethvoice to use nethCti centralino .

Thanks Saito .

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if you need to use NethCTI you should try to contact a Nethesis partner or maybe some partner can contact you (I know there are some in disguise in here :slight_smile: ).

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