Nethserver7alpha: Black screen and cursor pointer after install new elements and restart

Hi Nethserver people. My new tribe :sunglasses:

  1. Successfully installed “nethserver7 alpha1” on centos7 + GNOME
  2. Checking the Software Center to download the Spanish language. All good. Restart session and everything in Spanish
  3. Again in the Software Center I choose other items to install, start downloading and go to the street.
  4. On my return I notice that the machine is idle due to low battery power.Also some item could not be downloaded. Then energized the computer, close the session and restart
  5. At startup will not load the desktop. Only a black screen and the mouse pointer. Typing “Ctrl + Alt + F3” I load the console but nethserver7 not open from the URL and gives a message “can not open the address because the directory does not exist”

I consulted an article dated August 26, 2015, whose title promised the perfect solution:
[How To Fix Blank / Black Boot Screen After Upgrading CentOS 6.6/6.5/6.4/6.3/6.2/6.1 To CentOS 7][1]
… but when I explore the directories I got nothing than indicated in Article. Just out of curiosity I checked some of the files listed and discovered that had been modified by Nethesis.

In another article I read that the reference kernel had been altered and could not be identified by the grub.

HELP! :anguished: lol

I’m downloading Nethserver 6.7 to work with more stability and contribute to the review of the RC.

We have considered the implementation of a basic desktop, so that children who use school’s intranet learn to manage the server in a simple way. Moreover Nethserver interface is simpler and more intuitive than 3.5 Zentyal

I hope to have contributed a little to the development of nethserver7.

My English is poor and I use google translate. Please excuse me. :no_mouth:

Of course, it should be a minimal Centos. Excuse

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Also, if you want a production-ready environment, use 6.7!

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It’s ready @giacomo, thanks!.

Some problems for view the browser without “gropinstall basic-desktop x11 fonts platform-desktop”. I need to convince my colleagues that the best way is with Nethserver instead of Zentyal

Yes, we’re a tribe! Welcome among us :slight_smile:

That’s a good starting point!
Please open a new topic about tests on 6.7 :smile:

Can you elaborate on what you should be looking for?
Edit: I suggest you to open a new topic for it :slight_smile:

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