Nethserver6.8 - when end-of-support?

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: core mail sogo owncloud backup


now we are using Nethserver6.8. Last month I tested nethserver7 on VBox. There are some interesting things in webtop4-modul. But this modul only possible in english/italian language. For some only a little problem, but for the others it is a horrible problem …
Now I readed somewhere, that webtop5 perhaps include a german language pack … so I had to wait.
I found on github the roadmap … they plan webtop5 ready in 02/2017 or a little later I think.
Now some questions:

  • How long are there updates for nethserver6.8 ?
  • Becomes webtop5 the “standard” in nethserver7.1 (or similar) ?
  • is there a tool to migrate nethserver6.8 to 7, including mail, sogo, owncloud > webtop5

Thank you for every answer …

Is not ready yet, but we will work on it.

We try to stick to upstream rules, in this case, NS 6.8 will be supported until Novembre, 2020
See: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal

Yes, you can already use it from testing repository.

Working on it: Upgrade from NS 6 via backup and restore · Issue #5234 · NethServer/dev · GitHub


Good evening,

these are good messages !
I would help to translate webtop5. Is it possible at transifex ?

Thank you again …

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Your help will be appreciated :wink:, I think it will be available over the next weeks.