Nethserver6.8 - when end-of-support?

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: core mail sogo owncloud backup


now we are using Nethserver6.8. Last month I tested nethserver7 on VBox. There are some interesting things in webtop4-modul. But this modul only possible in english/italian language. For some only a little problem, but for the others it is a horrible problem …
Now I readed somewhere, that webtop5 perhaps include a german language pack … so I had to wait.
I found on github the roadmap … they plan webtop5 ready in 02/2017 or a little later I think.
Now some questions:

  • How long are there updates for nethserver6.8 ?
  • Becomes webtop5 the “standard” in nethserver7.1 (or similar) ?
  • is there a tool to migrate nethserver6.8 to 7, including mail, sogo, owncloud > webtop5

Thank you for every answer …

Is not ready yet, but we will work on it.

We try to stick to upstream rules, in this case, NS 6.8 will be supported until Novembre, 2020

Yes, you can already use it from testing repository.

Working on it:


Good evening,

these are good messages !
I would help to translate webtop5. Is it possible at transifex ?

Thank you again …

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Your help will be appreciated :wink:, I think it will be available over the next weeks.