NethServer Wireless Connection Not Working

(Dion Mapukava) #1

NethServer Version: Final
Module: your_module

Hi All,

I’ve setup a netserver and connect a un-managed switch and a Access Point to it but it seems that some users cannot connect to the internet, for the Wifi they can connect but they can’t browse the internet.

Can someone please help with my issue.


(Rob Bosch) #2

How have you connected the accesspoint?
Is it connected to the switch (and the switch to the GREEN interface of NethServer)?
I take a wild guess and assume your accesspoint is actualy a router with builtin switch and accesspoint.
In order to make that work, the wireless router must be configured with DHCP off, and connected with 1 of the LAN ports to your switch. Do NOT connect it with the WAN port.
If you want to be able to access the webinterface of the accesspoint, make sure the accesspoint gets a static IP address in the same subnet as your GREEN interface.

(Dion Mapukava) #3

Robb, thanks for the advise, this is how setup looks like, ISP-Nethserver-TP Link unmanage switch-AP, yes switch is connected to the Green, DHCP on the AP is disabled but still cant browse the net

(Markus Neuberger) #4

The access point has to use Nethserver as DNS and gateway.

(Dion Mapukava) #5

hi markus, have done that but still cant browse but its connect to the AP.
one thing we use MYOB and it’s cloud based but we cannot access it, its say connection failure and if we remove the NethServer it works.

just a thought if there’s any rule on NS that blocking this MYOB account app from opening.


(Markus Neuberger) #6

The AP has to have a static IP which is in the same network as Nethserver. Maybe there are some old firewall rules or static routes on the AP?
Can you ping the AP, the Nethserver or from a client?

No, by default all GREEN to RED traffic is allowed. Do you use the proxy server?

(Dion Mapukava) #7

Yes i can ping the to all and even the websites, its browsing that having issue. There is no proxy

MYOB is our account app which we cannot access it.

AP is on static ip and its same network with the NS

(Rob Bosch) #8

If connections are ok and you can not browse to websites, i suspect DNS settings are wrong.
Can you do a test for me: browse with your browser to
You should see a NethServer landing page. Can you confirm that?
If you can browse to an ip address but not to an url, there must be something wrong with your DNS settings

Can you give us the brand and type of the AP?. I guess yiu use a router as accesspoint. In that case, doublecheck you connect the AP with a LAN port to your switch. Don’t use the WAN port.