Nethserver VPS backup restore

NethServer Version: Nethserver release 7.9 2009 final

I am preparing to use Nethserver VPS. I created a test VPS with 4 CPUs 12GB RAM and 400 GB disk approx. a few weeks ago and I uploaded the backup of the working Nethserver to it. I’ve been testing it since then and it seems to be fine. There is currently 80 GB of free space on the disk, which seems to be sufficient in the near future, according to my experience.

Now I would like to upload the latest data backup to it, but the free space on the disk is 80 GB and the size of the backup is approx. 240 GB. I find that the load on the VPS is so high that I cannot connect to it in the Cockpit or with ssh.

Maybe there is little free space on the disk?
Could it be another problem?
Can anyone give me some advice?

Thanks and Regards

Hi Steve

For me it’s logical that a 240 GB backup will NOT fit onto 80 GB free disk space…

Second, even in the earliest days of Dos one learnt NEVER to place a backup on the same disk!
That’s still valid today, so I don’t quite see what you’re trying to do with that.

On top of this, any file system running at over 80% (used space) will slow down massively…

You may ask if your Provider can provide a second disk (not a larger disk!) as such to place the 240 GB backup…

My 2 cents

Crazy support in the early morning :slight_smile:

It seems I didn’t define the problem well. The backup is on another host, so I want to restore it on Nethserver VPS. Nethserver VPS configuration is 4 CPU, 12 GB RAM and 400 GB disk space. The Nethserver VPS has 320 GB of disk space reserved and only 80 GB free.

The size of the data backup is approx. 240 GB and I want to restore it back on the Nethserver VPS.

During the backup restore, the load on the VPS is so high that I cannot connect to it in the cockpit or with ssh and the following error message appears on the console:

nmi watchdog bug soft lockup cpu1 stuck for 23s

This error message keeps repeating itself.

Where in hell is my popcorn basket “emperor of the world” size?

Ok… I’m gonna have a lot of… learning. .

All right. I describe exactly what I want to do and what my problem is.

There is a Nethserver, it is a physical server, it should be called Nethserver HW. We use this for work and use Duplicity to backup data to another host running Owncloud every day. Nethserver HW uses 340 GB disk space. The size of the entire data backup is approx. 240 GB.

There is a virtual Nethserver on a third host, it should be called Nethserver VPS. The data backup with Duplicity was previously uploaded to this, but it contains outdated data. Nethserver VPS uses approx. 320 GB disk space and still has approx. 180 GB free disk space. I would like to upload fresh data from the data backup on Owncloud to the Nethserver VPS with Duplicity.

I know that Duplicity uses rsync to save and restore data, but I don’t know if Duplicity uploads the entire backup and then uses rsync to restore data.

If Duplicity first checks the files to be updated with rsync and then only downloads from the Owncloud data backup that needs to be synchronized, this is not true.

How does Duplicity restore data and how much free disk space is required for this on the Nethserver VPS?

This is important in order to determine the area of the VPS disk rented from the service provider and to be able to test my own temporary Nethserver VPS…

Thank you for your help, but this transition raises problems I am not aware of.