Nethserver VPN Server connect with Zentyal client


**NethServer Version: 7

Hi at all,

one more guy who wants to quit with zentyal :wink:

My szenario. At the moment i have two places with zentyal installed. It is connected via site-to-site.
Now i want to replace one zentyal server for one nethserver.
I configured an vpn server in nethserver but i dont know how to connect the zentyal server as client to the new nethserver vpn server. Has anybody experience in this case?

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi Thomas,
welcome to nethserver community.

I think the net2net Tunnel of nethserver is the same as site-to-site by Zentyal. I think you can use this connection type.

If you really have to use a client at Zentyal have a look here:

Can you tell us why you need one zentyal-server anymore? Is there anything that nethserver doesn’t support?


Hi Michael,

many thanks for your answer.
I will read your links and hope i can found the solution for my issue there.

I can explain the reason for this way.
At the moment i use two zentyal servers on different locations.
It is connected site-to-site. But the main problem is the distance.
One server is in portugal the other in germany.
The main server with master domain is in germany. This is also the the VPN-Server.
I administrate this both servers from germany. From time to time i am in protugal to administrate the server.
At first i want to change the german main server and after that when i am in portugal i change this server also from zentyal to nethserver. The problem is the timeline. I can not start up a nethserver in portugal at the same time because for doing that i have to be there. I need to this in steps.

I hope you can understand my way of thinking.

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Hi Thomas,

Yes of course, thanks for explanation. Does your server has no management console?
I would recommend you to install nethserver at a virtual machine, so you can install a new system in Portugal while being in Germany. You could need this for next version of nethserver for example.

If not, tell us something about your config and the error, we will try to help you.

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Hi at all,

i found a solution for my issue.

I create in zentyal a new vpn-user.
I take the certificates from nethserver out of the path /var/lib/nethserver/openvpn-tunnels/keys

  1. ca.crt
  2. name-of-tunnel.crt (rename to cert.crt)
  3. name-of-tunnel.key (rename to privateKey.crt)

this files i choose for setting up a new vpn-user in zentyal.


In Passwort it doesnt matter wich you choose. It is not required for zentyal to nethserver vpn but has to be filled in.

For me it was also important to mark TUN.
Save and activate.
Now i had the connection between both.