Nethserver v7 User and Groups


during my tests on v7 I tried to add new users/groups. When I clicked at “Users and Groups” after installation, there was just the option to provide a directory provider. I was confused because at v6 there was already a local provider preinstalled.
As far as I understood I have to install the OpenLDAP provider or AD-Samba from softwarecenter to get a local usermanagement, right?
Maybe a hint in that direction would be great that this has to be done. Otherwise users will be getting confused (like me) if they want to manage local users but they only get the option to connect Nethserver to OpenLDAP or AD-Servers.


Hi Kristian,

I wrote about this, here:
NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood"

and here:
NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood"
as a response to Davide.

From my experience, the first steps should be (short version):

1. Install the NS 7
2. Make the updates
3. Edit the Organisation contacts
4. Edit the Self-signed certificate
5. Choose the Account provider: Samba AD (Install from Software center), OpenLDAP (Install from Software center) or join to the existing one.
6. Proceed to add other packages you need
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I agree with your list.
But what I was concerning about was, that there is no hint that you can also use local directories. There are only the two remote directories available.

A text like “If you want to use a local account provider, please change to software center and install OpenLDAP or Samba Active Directory Provider.” is something that I miss.


Totally agree with your idea!

Should be written at least on HELP pop-up.
I’m sure will be on final documentation!
We are still on holidays! :wink:

@davidep how can we add it on the help-inline? Can you suggest us a PR?

Sure, everyone can suggest a PR by editing directly on GitHub the following file


Also some words on how to choose between the 2 providers. Especially for small users/home users.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of each.

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Also we you join Users and Groups to another Samba directory, the new server is a “Domain member” and not second AD/DC Samba server.

I read the Release Notes v7-b and it’s not clear in it. Maybe make the “Active Directory Member” paragraph to where after it says " If no extra package is installed…" Or make a clickable link to AD Member on the end of " If no extra package is installed…" paragraph.