Nethserver v7-Beta 2 runs on a PI

Now i will read the documentation and (if i undestand how it work) try to build the needed package for nexcloud :slight_smile:

@jackyes I don’t want to discourage you, keep on reading ! :grin:

The nextcloud package is already available and ready to be reviewed by you. :wink:

(Oops: I made a mistake in the repository comps file, in the software center it does not show up in “Extras and Testing”, you find it in “Everything”)


This afternoon i will set up a Raspberry Test-box :smiley:


Does anyone know of a ARM based board like a RPI2, but comes with Dual-Nic standard? Around the price of a PI? I would love to make a little router box using Neth and that!

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I you find it me know! or in other words not that I know of.

There is suitable hardware costing a lot more;
One of my long term goals is to run NS-arm on a decent NAS with two nic’s and make it my low power consuming neth(home)server.

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Yeah, I love it! Let me know how I can help :slight_smile: You have already great supporters here @arm_team

Hi all,

I’ve a normal bananapi as owncloud ans Samba-server performance is quiet good…

And sry for my English, rusty…


Welcome Martin,

(most of us are quit bad in english, this community is very forgiving :relaxed:)

I had an eye on this device in the past. Never bought it because (As Far As I Know) it has a Ethernet switch managing red (internet) and green (local) lan.

I have seen some conversation on the centos arm-dev maillist , they call it the “banana pi lamobo”. I can’t recall if they succeeded in installing centos on it.

Have you tried installing centos?

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Hi Mark,

no, my banana(don’t know the exact OS) rest like it is, I’m normally just working in Windows world an there nothing to do with system-administration - caldav with Android and Windowsphone… so never change a running system…:smiley:

I’m looking for Nethserver because i’m getting FTTH and a router with forced TR-069 so I need a router behind this.

Nethserver 6.8 on a GIGABYTE N3150N-D3V Intel SOC 8GB with 2 Ethernet port ist waiting for being updated also to use Asterisk.

At last my dream is, to put Solr on it and get a little solution, my little family archiv! but this Idea is for later and better days:D

I’ve a small family(5), have to handle all IT in my house without backround and with a lack of youthful enthusiasm because I’m to old for this…



Many people are moving from windows to NethServer, don’t be shy! Let’s start to learn and help :slight_smile:

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Hi Adam,

Just if you already don’t know.


What about Rc2 @arm_team? Did you upgrade flawlessly?

For those that are interested, Sino-VoIP has recently released a version of CentOS 7 for their Banana BPI R2 board.

However, due to various problems with this company (ie. issues surrounding randomised MAC addresses and Sino-VoIP’s poor information / feedback within their forum), I would suggest using this OS image for testing purposes only.

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