Nethserver Users and Groups show only 500 users with Local LDAP provider

Good afternoon, we created 586 users on Nethserver 7 using local LDAP provider,
but it only shows 500 in “Users and Groups”.
We make a backup of the accounts, and we verify that the 586 users are loaded in the LDAP service.
How can we do so that all users are listed in “Users and Groups”?
Thanks in advance

Jorge Forte

Hi @jorgef,

welcome to Nethserver Community.

Do you use the current server manager (cockpit, port 9090) or the legacy one (nethgui, port 980) ?

the same thing happens in both cases

There’s a default dataset limit of 500, see openldap docs.


Thank you so much Markus, that worked.
But I should have raised the olcSizeLimit value up to 3000,
to be able to see all users.

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