NethServer UPS Server


There are 2 systems I consider critical on my network (at the moment). My main router Firewall running Nethserver and my QNAP NAS. In the event of a power failure, both must terminate gracefully.

I tried to set NETHSERVER UPS as my master which worked. The problem was having my QNAP server communicate with it as a UPS client. QNAP specifically wants to communicate with a service name “qnapups”. The Nethserver UPS service does not allow me to configure my own service and user names which prevents me from using that approach.

Fortunately for me, I fixed this issue by having my QNAP NAS Server set as Master and Nethserver as a client which worked.

It would be very useful that NethServer UPS allows us to define our own ups service name, username and password. Please consider adding this as a feature.



Hi Patrick

I prefer using something completly independent for UPS Control (NUT Server) - I use a Raspberry PI for this, a 3B is more than sufficient!

This can shut down my NAS, ma Proxmox, my Firewall, my NethServer and anything else.

My 2 cents

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Here’s a similar case (the inverse case):

Is not possible with the config parameters from the docs? (Just asking)

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Hey Andy,

Thanks it is a good idea but still, NethServer’s UPS Server should allow me to set my own username and password :slight_smile: . At least for those, like me who currently want to use Nethserver as a UPS Server since I have nothing else I can use… Well I do, I have the work around, my NAS.

I have not investigated this in depth, I think there might be a way by editing some file. Through the User Interface it isn’t possible and in my view it should be.

These commands should name it “qnapups” and apply the config (I didn’t test):

config setprop nut-server Ups qnapups
signal-event nethserver-nut-save

I’ll try that soon however, any chance this could be added to the UI to make it more convenient to change?