Nethserver support plans

Do you think adding monitoring tools to the Crostino
Good Starter package can increase subscriptions on that plan for nethserver.

are there many users under that plan?
can that addition compel more people there, and overall help provide needed resources for the project?

if someone has multiple servers. (over 12 installations) can the payment on any of the plans be split to be paid monthly, other than annually.


Not at the moment. Why should we add it?

Yes, it’s the most popular but it remains very cheap

If you have 12 installations I guess that you should join the Partner Program and have more benefits, like the business version of NethServer


With 20+ installations I guess i should join the partner program too…

Where can I sign up?


My collegues will show you which are the benefits of the partner program :slight_smile:
They will send you an email.

I’m right now in the process of opening up a Github Repo - and maybe get some tips / pointers / hints from

@mrmarkuz and @stephdl




a gitlab and github account and you are ready to help a lot of projects :slight_smile:


Opening up Gitlab…
… Done