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Need your help people @ambassadors_group @planet_jeroen @quadpr5 @FixitFelix @bwdjames @hector @Jclendineng what do you think about these plan overviews?
Which of them is more clear and accurate? There are some mistakes but I’d like to know your preferences. How is it easy to understand the differences between plans? Check the post above as well.



The rows “Professional support” and “Support tickets/year” could be merged. What is meant for “professional” could be explained elsewhere (i.e. in a FAQ)

I guess professional support for Crostino is also via Customer portal + SSH!

Why not use the “included” word?

x crostino lasagna fiorentina pizza
Professional support 100€ per incident 3 tickets included 6 tickets included 12 tickets included

The “year” word is redundant, as fares are already declared "per year"
Where’s phone support? Monitoring portal?

Why did you change?

The table view is much clearer IMO. I’d vote for that!

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Please don’t comment the “descriptions” I’m working on that.
I’d like to know if it’s better the table or the columns

This is a pity because it makes Crostino less interesting for companies. The price was setup on this too I think, 3 incidents for 300 € would make you move to Lasagna but now?

Looks good - the subtle changes are a lot more clearer and the spreadsheet table is a good addition

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Because it’s very hard to cumulate tickets, phone support and alarms (aka monitoring portal) if you have different plans on different servers. It’s much easier to connect a specific support plan (and tickets) to a specific server.

Table looks better and is easier to overlook than the columns IMO.

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I know, I expect to add it again once the payment infrastructure will make it possible. Bear with us in the meantime :slight_smile:

Look at the answer above.

Come on. To connect a specific amount of tikets to a specific customer is easier. :smile:
I think the real reason is about the money. :wink: That’s o.k. for me. Although the cummulation made the subsciption very attractive IMO.

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@bwdjames thanks for your input

Thanks folks, let’s go on with the table :slight_smile:

Small preview of the news boxes on the dashboard.

Preview of the asset/monitoring portal


Honestly, the problem is both technical and commercial.
Technically if you buy Pizza with phone support and x tickets how can Nethesis separate them from other plans? How are support guys able to understand if you are allowed to make that call or not? It would be very tricky.

Commercially let me admit that is a bit crazy, you can buy 5 Crostino and 1 Fiorentina and spread all the tickets on all your subscriptions :slight_smile:

That’s a final version of the table :slight_smile:

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If it’s not hardware bound I can just change a Fiorentina with a Crostino and use all my support tickets that way.

So, for presenting the specifics, the table is clearer. For catching attention, the columns are better, imho.

The website could advertise using (dressed down) columns, and when clicking present the table. This would be my preference. In the column view I would like prices and the short version of who this is targeted to, the table should explain the rest.

Let us please agree that most of us really do not need any support plan, but if we are running production environments, we need our asses covered. The real value, to me, is in delayed (aka stable) updates and the whole support ticket thing is a nice extra I do not expect to ever use except to steer the amount of money I would like to have our business invest in Nethserver in a non-obvious way :slight_smile:

What would be interesting is to know how an incident is defined … can that take multiple days for instance? If not (duh), how will that be handled? Will I be able to buy extra support tickets at a reduced rate when my Lasagna is finished or will that require an upgrade to Florentina or even switch back to 100/incident ?

Perhaps you should define an incident as 1 hour of labour, and charge per 15 minutes, as an incident taking several hours becomes expensive for you guys quickly, and no business expects to pay just 100€ for several hours of work … unless you define it like 100€ / incident :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re very close to the Subscription launch!
I need your opinion on this matter, people will ask questions about Subscription: subscribing process, pricing, features, as they have done so far on those topics.

My first thoughts were to ask people send an email to a private email address but it’s risky. I’m likely to answer the same questions multiple times while if I keep the discussions here people can read and learn beforehand.
Pratically, I’m thinking of a category called “subscription” here.
Just to be clear, not a category where people will get professional paid support but a place where people can find answers about the subscribe process, issues with registration or plans benefits. Through it, I can collect feedback to improve the whole subscription process and make it straightforward.
What do you think? Is it a good idea?
@planet_jeroen @bwdjames @mrmarkuz @dnutan @FixitFelix

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I think it’s a good idea: It’s open, transparent and efficient. In some time a kind of wiki page/post with answers to the questions asked in this category will come out of this. I don’t see anything against it except of maybe having much subscription questions overtaking the community board in the beginning but as it is an own category it should be manageable.


In the beginning, I can manage all the questions :slight_smile:


I agree. Keeping it in the open will the most efficient way to handle the requests. The transparency will promote trust (not necessarily needed for active members but more for newcomers looking into support). And having it in the open will potentially boost the amount of subscriptions that you sell. As a consumer it’s frustrating to have to send an email and wait for a response because 1: you’re then at risk to receive spam, and 2: if I have to ask for pricing then I’ll have to correspond with a “salesman” and I don’t want to deal with it… Consumers are more likely to jump at “instant gratification” or at least the opportunity to learn about the products they’re interested in and then have an option to ask a question if they have one.


Definitely agree with category called “subscription” and having it transparent for all of the reasons given so far.


Announced here