NethServer Store is opened!

Our community asked many times to buy some NethServer gadgets.
I received a lot of proposals for the type of goodies: t-shirt, sweatshirts, mugs, bag, etc…
Honestly, I have to admit that I can’t support this kind of effort in the long-term, so I looked up for a service that could offer

  • stock and storage which can completely cover my needs: spreadshirts, bags, women’s shirt, bags, caps, shirts.
  • handling the selling for me. From order and payment processing through customer service
  • effortless international ecommerce across currencies
  • delivery capabilities worldwide
  • highest-quality printing techniques and materials

That service, called spreadshirt, will earn much of the money but a small percentage will benefit the community anyway. I plan to make a transparent report on all the incomes.
Hope you like it!

Happy shopping!


Awesome :sunglasses:
How do I apply for one in Spanish? Or in Italian!

Excuse me, I could not identify the original typography. @Alessia :wink:


Could you make a polo shirt with blue stripes on the collar, on the chest the sign of NethServer and on the back “We are Nethserver”, maybe?

I see a typo in french…it is ’ Nous sommes’

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