Nethserver SSL Certificate not working with MatterMost phone app

Hello Team,

Putting Mattermost through it’s paces here for our office. I’ve installed our SSL cert in Nethserver and it’s happily being used by our Webtop Mail and Mattermost when I connect from my computer desktop browser and from my phone browser using https.

I’ve installed the Mattermost app on my Android phone and I’m trying to connect to my Nethserver Mattermost app but I’m receiving an “Untrusted Certificate” error.

Is anyone else receiving this when using Mattermost from a phone app?


I use a Letsencrypt cert on Neth and it just works with the Android app.
You need to use the domain name, not the IP in the app.
The Mattermost virtual host name has to be included in your SSL cert.

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Sorry, I was wrong in my initial statement. I’m not using Nethserver SSL certificate. I have setup HAProxy for our reverse proxy needs. We use a wildcard certificate and I don’t have my Mattermost virtual host name in my SSL cert but I don’t think this should matter? I can see our Mattermost has no issues connecting to my desktop browsers and my phone browsers. But the Android app receives this error. sslshopper show no issues with my certificate. Perhaps its an issue with my HAProxy setup for Mattermost from my phone? I’ll keep digging into why this is happening.

Thank you.

My problem has been solved! It was (my) user error. I reloaded the haproxy config file after changing the fqdn of my mattermost site and now my android app is working.


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