Nethserver routing

nethserver 7.3.1611

I have two general questions just to be sure my thinking is correct.

If I want Nethserver to sit behind my ISP router and all traffic to pass through it, in and out, I need a Ethernet port set to RED and configured to use the ISP router as it’s gateway and DNS, and I need a second port set to GREEN for all other devices on my LAN and configured such that they use this port as their gateway and DNS and Nethserver will handle to routing. Is this correct ?

In order to stop WiFi traffic bypassing the Nethserver by connecting to the ISP router directly, I have disabled WiFi on this router and set up a second router for WiFi. Can I set this up as a second GREEN network, add it to a 3rd port on the Nethserver and allow routing between the two GREEN LAN’s so laptops can access shared drives on a NAS box on the wired LAN and computers on the wired LAN can access a network printer that is WiFi because where it sits there is no Ethernet port.

I’m using something like this.

Please read this:

Creating a wireless networking while using Nethserver as gateway

I think will help you to take the right decision.



Hi Paul,
I think you can use use your ISP router for it too, you only have to configure DHCP to use your Nethserver as gateway and Nethserver schould use your ISP-Router as gateway, so every traffic also WLAN takes the way through your Nethserver.

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Set up your Nethserver as a firewall/gateway with Dns server and DHCP server for the green LANs and thread yor ISP router as an external network on the Red port.

For the Wifi, don’t use the ISP router wifi, but as you already do, set up a second green ( or better a blue) lan with second router ( configured as an Acces Point only).

AsI have the second router already and that I can place in a better
position in the house for better overall WiFi coverage I may as well use

The ISP router is near the front entrance tied to where my Internet
connection enters the house. Not brilliant for the back of the house WiFi

The second Router also has ä second Interface for ä guest network, so I can
separate internal WIfi traffic and separate guest traffic

so I think the way @Jim wrote is the best for you.

In place to buy a wifi router, buy a cheap Ubiquity Access Point to put behind your Netserver gatway :wink:
Depend on the area ( house/ building…), sometime it’s better to have two or more AP than a unique strong AP…