Nethserver Rock Solid

Last week I decided to deplexify my network which Nethserver as the control.
Basically all networks (red, green, blue and orange) interface were up and running. While my provider filters ports, and I’m too lazy to change the provider (the contract is linked to my rent) I simply decide to use NethServer as an internal SMB server with Authentification (so only green network).

While I probably started from the wrong foot, but I simply unassign other interfaces than shutdown to remove them physically. Probably not a surprise for a lot of you, but the module Docker, Blacklist and the Firewall didn’t like this.

After reading posts on the forum and editing config files without great success I started thinking I would have to reinstall but with the dilemma than if I restore my backup the same config will remain and what about my data…

Anyway; (I already apologies for the fellow Windows, but I’m referring from my experience which is with Windows Server 2000) I decided to give a shot to remove the services than reinstall it, such as they taught me at school with Windows.

So I remove services by services until no services indicated Running stop while they are supposed to run. Already impressed, I decided to give another shot than reinstall these services. While I saw a few hiccups, especially the Blacklist module complaining about the missing Blue interface, after a reboot, everything is up and running without any warning or failure in my logs.

Thank to the teams to make such a great product :wink:


Thank you for the nice story :slight_smile: /cc @dev_team

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