Nethserver-rh-mariadb102 needs testers

Ola companeros

We have a new module, you can check the documentation at

The purpose is to install mariadb102 (equivalent to mysql57) and to integrate it in the backup process of Nethserver.

for now you can install it manually

yum install

to connect to mariadb102, do mysql102


Great work @stephdl ! :clap:

I tested on a fresh 7.5 VM and it worked without problems.

I created a database, a table and some entries with phpmyadmin, made a backup-data and deleted the database.
After restore-data and restore-config my testdatabase was there again so backup/restore of mariadb102 works.

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Merci infiniment @mrmarkuz

@giacomo and @davidep we need it for ejabberd, could you please check the source. For example I did a bundle and I create a table to use mariadb102 and phpmyadmin directly.

If you think it valuable we could push it as an official module

I’m looking at it, but I will need some time.

Regarding ejabberd, I’d test PostgreSQL and even SQLite before supporting MariaDB 102.
If we decide to add it, it will be the 4th supported database! A little too much for my taste :smiley:

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I will test the postgresql of the software collection

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