Nethserver-rh-mariadb101 needs testers

Hi folks

I made a rpm to install rh-mariadb101 from the centos software collection, at this time the 10.2 version is not available, it will be the next upgrade.

yum install

It is supposed to

  • install and start mariadb101
  • manage mariadb101 by phpMyAdmin (install after nethserver-phpmyadmin or launch the event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save)
  • backup and restore mariadb101 with the official way (install nethserver-backup-data for this)

the mariadb101 password is stored at /root/.my.cnf

you have several shorters to ease the usage of this scl

[root@ns7dev8 ~]# ls /usr/bin/|grep 101

the log is at /var/log/rh-mariadb101/mariadb.log

This rpm can be used with the official nethserver-mysql, somehow you just need to use the port 3311 in your web application to adjust the mysql server (rather the official 3306).

  • YourIP:3311

You can also use the new socket



I have an issue on the official mariadb restoration, please wait before to install on a production server :slight_smile:

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in the meanwhile I need to modify nethserver-automysqlbackup to backup mariadb101

@davidep @giacomo I have a problem

when I install both nethserver-mysql and nethserver-rh-mariadb101, the server doesn’t kill enough quickly all the mysqld processus, then the script mysql-load-tables fails.

The rh-mariadb101-mariadb.service should not be the guilty (I bet) because I tried to stop it by an action in S01…

If I increase to 2 seconds, then the error disappears

Is it possible to do a PR, Or I need to look after another solution ?

OMG “sleep 1” :fearful:

If possibile, we should find another solution definitely!

git blame could explain why it is implemented like that…

-/usr/bin/killall mysqld
-sleep 1
+mysqladmin shutdown

did the trick for me, it seems it is the correct/official way to stop mysqld_safe


Your code seems much better, I also would like to have a shorter timeout as Davide suggested inside the pull request.

Give me a little time, a lot of things have piled up on my todo list these days :wink:

Ugly, but works.
It’s “code from passed experiences”. :smiley:

I’d like to switch to mysqladmin command and also retain the sleep.


please can you test this version, what you can expect, see the first post

Actually you should not install it with nethserver-mysql, during the time @giacomo changes some lines of code in nethserver-mysql, but we can try to debug this module.

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Nice one again!

I did a quick test on 7.4.1708 (beta1) on a Proxmox VM.

Command line:

[root@nethvm ~]# mysql101 -u root
Welcome to the MariaDB monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MariaDB connection id is 18
Server version: 10.1.19-MariaDB MariaDB Server

Filled a new database:

zcat /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-mysql-3.4.2/create.sql.gz | mysql101 -u zabbix -p zabbix

Windows tool HeidiSQL access:


do just l’mysql101’

thanks :slight_smile:


The backup/restoration could be tested also

New nethserver-mysql-1.1.2-1.3.gfffaeeb.ns7.noarch.rpm pushed to 7.4/updates.

Thanks Stéphane!


Installed nethserver-mysql-1.1.2-1.3.gfffaeeb by @giacomo and tested backup and restore with rh-mariadb101. Made a data backup and dropped the zabbix database, that I created earlier. Then I made a file restore but phpmyadmin didn’t show the zabbix db. After uploading the config backup and restoring it, the zabbix database was back up again.
MariaDB 10.1 backup/restore Ă  la NethServer works fine for me.

Just another screenshot of a working connection to mariadb101 with squirrelsql:

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cool :slight_smile:

merci beaucoup (thank you so much)

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You made a man happy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So that, can we close the discussion?

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documentation created ->

rpm released

thread closed