Nethserver Remote Loggin to Graylog

How to Nethserver Remote Loggin to Graylog?

@Ya_Ley you want to know how to install and configure?

Yes, install rsyslog
Thank you

Nethserver is using rsyslog yet. I can’t get the request :neutral_face:

@Ya_Ley You want access to reports NS from outside the network? https: //dinamic.dns or public_ip/logs?

Nethserver(Client)=======rsyslog server

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you want to see the NethServer logs on a rsyslog server?

Could be a nice enhancement.

In many cases the sysadmin must keep the log files for a long time to be checked in specific situations. At least in the Public Sector (government institutions).

It’s a good practice to keep those log files on dedicated HW with dedicated SW to be analized.

If I remember well I asked about this, some time ago.

BTW, how long are kept the log files on NS without be rewritten?

EDIT (BTW, how long are kept the log files on NS without be rewritten?)

These are my records by date

NethServer as it says @alefattorini it comes with rsyslog.

It is a matter of installing a server for logs and make tests