Nethserver redirects all traffic to specific port to itself

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Reverse proxy or maybe docker

Hello Everyone,

So it’s about time to ask for some help troubleshooting my nethserver setup because of a weird problem that appeared a week ago.

I am using a Ubiquity AC Pro and decided to load a docker image of “Unifi Controller” (the tool to manage those ubiquity ACs) on Nethserver. This tools uses the port 8443 as it’s Secure HTTPS web interface. After loaded the image, started the container and exposed the ports, I created a reverse proxy pointing to to access the tool.

At that point all traffic to port 8443 irrelevant the host routes to Even If I try to access Nethserver redirect me to the reverse proxy!

Of course the problem is some plesk panels that I need to have access.

P.S. I changed the “exposed” ports of the container to but still the problem remains

I think you created a resource path reverse proxy but you need a Web site name reverse proxy to be able to access Unifi by name.

You need reverse proxy to localhost instead of This is allowed in firewall.


Hi markuz and thanks for the reply (actually for the whole support inside the forums that helped me millions of times) it’s a reverse proxy 100%. By the way yesterday I removed the docker image and then the “faulty route” fixed.

I feel that the problem is not the reverse proxy rather that the “docker virtual network” I reassigned the exposed port to 18443 and problem seems to have been fixed.

But still it’s weird that neth decided to filter all traffic to port 8443 to the docker image rather than the actual server. By the way dns lookups work properly but whenever I “asked for” port 8443 I was getting a http 302 redirect and re-routed to (docker container)

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Maybe you needed to clean the browser cache to delete saved redirects.

Ctrl - F5, and incognito tabs are my rule of thumb in these situations. Tried it many times, but no.