Nethserver-postgresql10 needed


we have nethserver-postgresql94, used for matermost IIRC. This software collection is in EOL, and this version itself is no more supported:

in short it is time to release nethserver-postgresql10 which is waiting to be built and why not make a new fork and propose nethserver-postgresql12

I need v10 for bareos :slight_smile:


Great, I already tested it with matrix and it worked flawlessly. It seems many newer applications need more modern postgresql. Thanks for your work!

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Due to the software collection policy of Postgresql10 and Postgresql12, they are maintained by the community of developers, it could be hard to make it maintained by the NethServer project itself, I released them in my repository

Community Project: Maintained by upstream communities of developers. The software is cared for, but the developers make no commitments to update the repositories in a timely manner.

please follow posgresql [NethServer Wiki]


@stephdl Could we Get this to NS8 as well Kindly, considering it will be containerised, i think the maintenance might be easier, and plus its better if the ns8 Module is supported from the core software repository in NS8.

Yes a ns8-postgresql in nethforge could be nice but for module creation we do need it. Just start one database container by module. By the way the backup and restore should be implemented in your module. Mattermost could be an example

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did not understand this bit.

the concept of container is to provide microservice, if you need a database, then you do not have a database container for all containers, but each container that needs a database runs it inside a pod like you did for paperless

I did ns8-mariadb to help to use ns8-webserver but in fact if you should have a webapp/website it should be better to run it inside a pod with the web server, the webapp and the database but I agree the level to start/use it is higher than before :smiley:

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Exactly the same, and there are many webserver app, mostly built on laravel to make use of PGSQL Significantly as the having PGSQL as a database, as well as PGadmin, would be fantastic and would serve the same purpose as what mariaDB achieves, plus hey, can aso be used as a remote endpoint for local dev projects.

I would Also be creating a SurrealDB Module Very soon, because i need it for a Project.
And the Same container Module will also feature Surrealist a PhpMyadmin Equivalent to SurrealDB

surrealist github: StarlaneStudios/Surrealist: :zap: Powerful graphical SurrealDB query playground and database explorer for Browser and Desktop (
i dont think the have docker image yet, will find out.

SurrealDB Github surrealdb/surrealdb: A scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the realtime web (

This One Has Docker

Short Video on the project: (367) SurrealDB in 100 Seconds - YouTube

One advice, finish a module before to start another one, then work by sprint/iteration to add one feature at a time

But what is good for me is probably wrong for someone else

Anyway it is a good new to see you want to do something :slight_smile:

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very good points

this sometimes tend to be my Biggest Brain teaser.

Sometimes the brain just wants to have Minimum Featured Product instead of Minimum Viable Product.

next target

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ping @davidep NethServer/ns8-postgresql pull request (

I’m sorry but I can’t review a general purpose DB module in this period. I’ll be happy to do it after the Stable release :heart:

still draft, good news it is not the bike season, I could have time on weekend :stuck_out_tongue:
target is stable release :stuck_out_tongue:

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great news. Steph

Oh yes, stable, we are banking on it. i see things moving fast on the board…

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