Hello There,

I started to work with a setup of Nethserver and PWM (Password-Management) and i have question about the password policy.

Password Policy is Great, we need to be sure that users respects a strong basics for password.
Am I right about the fact that the password policies is only present on the GUI (server-manager)?

Because on a direct ldap connection i was able (with PWM reading Password Policy) to setup a password for one of my user with sectop as a valid password.

So after another digging i saw that the password-policy module wasn’t enable on my openldap at all (like other module like memberof, monitor)

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a coherence between the policy applied on the GUI on the one who could be applied on the openldap ?

Thanks at @stephdl for his feedback.


do you have some clues on how to implement his in nethserver for openldap and sambaAD


Yes we could imagine that through a page on the GUI we could setup password policy settings who will generate based on these settings and ldiff file for the ppolicy openldap module in order to be applied to the People branches (we need to be sure that this policy will not apply to the lib* users).
For SambaAD as i don’t use i don’t know but i could have a look