Nethserver Partition Table


I want to install NethServer 7 on NVMe disk. and keep data on SATA HDD.

so i have 1 NVMe disk and 2 SATA disk. Please help me to install NS7 accordingly.


18 months ago. Same scenario?

You have to choose manual install and configure your partitions yourself. Mount the NVME as / and the HDD as /var/lib/nethserver and you should be good to go. The 2 HDD can be configured as RAID1

/edit: I created a small video on how to install manually using an SSD for / and a raid1 for /var/lib/nethserver.
Keep in mind that anaconda has serious problems with manual configuration. After install, make sure you have console access so you can change your networksettings to an IP address you can reach from your location. Then start servermanager and FIRST set a static IP address in the subnet you are in.
After that you can update and configure all other basic settings.
link to manual install video of nethserver 7.8
In the video you see me create a nethserver image. First is a 15GB SSD. Later I add two 8 GB HDD’s that I use for RAID1 mounted at /var/lib/nethserver

Thanks for your valuable support.

Again i try to set in this way. If any issue, i ll update here.