When I open the url I get the Apache2 testpage. I think it would be better to redirect this to (or any other way that makes better SEO settings)

Maybe on a security note: Would it be feasible to make an SSL connection (https) mandatory when connecting to the forums? Or at least after logging in to the forums.

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I have the same behavior.
when I type in the adress bar, I go to the Apache page.
I must type to go to the right page.


We are waiting an SSL cert from letsencrypt :smile:

Superb that you will be using letsencrypt. See LinkedIn discussion I started in Linux Experts group:
(need to be member of the group)

Letsencrypt certificate has just been installed on I will work on other website in the coming days.
Regarding https access to this forum website, let’s ask @alefattorini.

We’re not using SSL on this site because discoursehosting, our hosting provider, ask price a bit high (twice the current) just to set up a custom SSL certificate. :grin:
Discourse is not quite using LE yet, but it’s in the works, I hope in the next upgrade

@alefattorini, Any update on the certificate options with discourse hosting?

They’re still working on it

Bumping this discussion.
Would it be a good idea to automagically redirect to https if a request is done to http? Especially for log-in pages, but preferably for all pages on * domain(s) (and remove all http content if you are busy with it)

We weren’t able to do that so far due to discoursehosting restrictions.
Now I discovered that they have added SSL support to our profile. Now SSL it’s forced here :slight_smile: