Nethserver + OpenVPN + IAX Asterisk

Good Morning!

I’m trying to close an IAX communication through an Openvpn tunnel and I’m not getting it.

After closing the VPN tunnel I receive the following routes:

The ip is the Asterisk on the other end, this IP forwards packets to the IP that is defined in eth0 of the Nethserver.

So far it seems to me that everything is fine, even though two parties do not communicate. I have already released access to port 4569 from the red interface.

Any suggestion?

IAX2 as far as i can rembember could be “ok” for Wan connections, should be also encrypted.
Therefore: why not use directly public ip address of Asterisk?

A VPN is from a client, and requires it to be done through the tunnel. If I could have already done it out, I believe the problem is without redirecting the IAX2 port to my internal IP.