Nethserver-onlyoffice with documentserver 5.5.1

Nethserver-onlyoffice Update

Starting from documentserver 5.5.0 nodejs is not required anymore. Thanks to @KdB for raising the bug that made me recognize that.

The high CPU load seems to be no problem anymore, see Nextcloud Onlyoffice Nodejs and npm version

Release notes:

  • Works with actual documentserver 5.5.1
  • Use jq for configuring onlyoffice instead of nodes json

Please test if documentserver works with Nextcloud and Webtop.

yum -y install nethserver-nextcloud nethserver-webtop5
yum -y install
yum -y install
yum -y install
yum -y --enablerepo=mrmarkuz install

For more information check out the wiki.
Please report if you find issues…


Thanks again for your work on this Markus - much appreciated.

I’ve just updated to this on a system; update went without issue and it appears to be working well.

Would it be worthwhile removing/reversing the previous nodejs install (eg curl -sL


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Thanks for testing!

Yes, I think so to get the centos nodejs again. In my tests it worked but be careful with removing as other software may depend on nodejs. <- From the Wiki; is this still relevant to the install process as nodejs is no longer required?

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Thanks, I updated the wiki section. It’s still relevant for older versions.


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