Nethserver on VPS

I installed Nethserver on centos VPS.
Got the base system running, pointed DNS records to my server, added Let’s Encrypt certificate, all went well and out-of-the-box.
Next is the big decision. What account manager should I choose? Does it make sense to install AD on a remote server?

I’d say NO.
But you may have a vpn connecting the vps to a lan with windows clients: AD may be a good choice.


Hi @jozeff,

I installed OpenDLAP on my VPS because I don’t need windows file shares, I use Nextcloud for files.
It may be possible to setup an openvpn to your VPS to join a client to AD, but I do not recommend it because a local login will need internet connection. If you need AD, I recommend a local install.


I also plan to use nextcloud for files, so I’ll go for OpenLDAP. Thanks.


Hi mrmarkuz,
I set up NS on VPS and I’m running into some configuration problems with Nextcloud. Since you have a similar installation perhaps you can help me out.
It has something to do with ‘trusted_domains’. When I try to log in I get a message that I approach the server from a non-trusted domain. When I look into the manuals on Nextcloud website, this can probably be fixed in the config.php parameters. But I’m not a linux expert and I don’t feel comfortable messing with config files.
Or maybe it’s an wrong DNS configuration. The localdomain is set as and this might not work on a remote server.
Any suggestions?

Hello @jozeff,

you have to add the domain to the trusted domains. It’s described here:

Feel free to ask, if you need help…