Nethserver on Qnap Virtualization Station

I try to search if someone had installed nethserver on qnap virtualization station but i don’t find something useful. I read that is possible to install CentOs on Qnap. Something about? Before i buy a qnap?

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I support about 30 clients, all using NethServer as AD, File, Print, Mail, NextCloud, Zabbix Monitoring and more. All run virtualized on Proxmox, using real servers, almost all HP Proliants.
At Home I also run NethServer on Proxmox.

All 3 NAS Systems, Synology, Qnap and TrueNAS offer KVM built in (The same as what Proxmox uses). None of the three come close to Proxmox. They are useful, OK, but you won’t be really happy with any, the best being TrueNAS.

See here for a few ideas…

Nevertheless, a Qnap is a good quality choice, but as with all NAS, choose at least a four bay model! And let it do what it does best: Storage. Virtualization? Leave that to the pros! :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

Just for the sake of clarification, only TrueNAS SCALE (which is still in beta) uses KVM; TrueNAS CORE (which is FreeBSD-based, and is a mature product) uses bhyve for its hypervisor.


is a very small situation, i have only to use like pop3 connector for 2 mailbox and connect 5 client with imap, so i hope to do with a NAS and not with a server, someone have experience? is possible or nethserver will not install on virtualization station?

IF virtualization station RUNS CentOS7 THEN NethServer does work

You might only need to “nethify” a clean CentOS7 install.

I can confirm that the Synology DS920+ can run and handle a Nethserver VM. As @Andy_Wismer said though I feel virtualizing NS on this platform has tons of waisted overhead that a docker like setup would do better.

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Finally i try with a QNAP TS-451+ expanded to 8Gb ram and it work really good. I installed directly from Nethserver ISO. I use only a small part of the release, mail server with pop3 connector that download 2 mail address on 2 account and 5 PCs that read mail from the server with imap protocol.

Thankyou to all