Nethserver-ocsinventory needs testers

thank to @nrauso :). First install the ocsinventory repository

yum install


yum install

you have some db

[root@NS7DEV8 ~]# config show ocsinventory 
    Name=ocsreports #to change the web alias eg https://IP/othername
    access=private     #or public
    status=enabled    #or disabled to stop ocsinventory web access

for example

config setprop ocsinventory status disabled
signal-event nethserver-ocsinventory-update

go to https://IP/ocreports login ‘admin’ password ‘admin’

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Looking a bit more on the version, I saw that the rpm is really older in the remi repository, and I know remi, it is not normal
something bad around.
I emailed him, he is going to remove ocsinventory from his repository, now the packagers are the ocs team.

The repository is at

We should look forward on the new versions

yum install


Nice shot @stephdl! :wink:

from what I tested, with the 2.3 version, it looks good
needs some template adjustements

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Ok my first post is adapted, now we are targeted the ocsinventory-2.3.0-1.el7.ocs.noarch

You’re my hero @stephdl! :slight_smile:
I updated also step-by-step how-to!

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