Nethserver-nextcloud 12.05 update disables enabled Apps

I applied the Nextcloud 12.05 update - via Nethserver updates from 12.04 - and all NextCloud enabled Apps were set to disabled after that.

Included: OnlyOffice; Mail; Calendar; Contacts; Notes; Tasks; Announcements; Deck; and File Access Control.

I just went back in and re-enabled them without issue. Not a major problem, but something worth noting.

Servus Klaus,

this problem is old as methusalem. I have to reactivate my calendar in Nextcloud after every update since the release of version 12.



Exactly, this is.
Each upgrade disable all apps and the admin must manually re-enable them.
Here is an explanation from the official guide.

We could document it into the documentation here @giacomo ?

Ja, Servus Uwe; Grazie Alessandro. I wasn’t aware of that in the Nextcloud documentation - yet it did also disable official apps (not just 3rd party). I will definitely know for next time :slight_smile:

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It was added to the wiki but a note could be made in the docs as well.

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Of course, let’s add a note into the manual!

Ok, I’ve added a PR using the wiki note reported by @dnutan

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