Nethserver Multi tenancy Support

I have been looking around, and in so many posts, and responses, one thing I have got clear

is that in nethserver, there is no way to create multiple email domains, with each having their own set of user…
My wonder is why is this not the case.

could this be a matter of complexity or is it just by design.
in general regarding the matter, will it be possible in future, and are there plans for that support in future.

I’d say both :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not. But you can still have multiple domains, but using the same users.
Maybe you can also do some postfix/dovecot hacking but it would be very hard to maintain it.

This feature was asked many times in the past

If the answers are not exhaustive, could you explain why do you need it?

IMO, there is a solution for every need. In the case of multi tenancy, NethServer is not the solution and if you need this, find a solution that does support this.
If you need to cut a piece of wood, you don’t use a screwdriver. Use the tools that are designed for the task.

probably I might have been misunderstood.
If it si with regards to offering email to multiple organizations, that is not the goal.

this would cause a lot of headache with that regards, and as such, the existing design of Nethserver has no major challenge.

The main challenge is with regards to having Multiple domains which require their own emails.

If a company has many services it offers, the management and everything is one, but the email require to have separate areas.

in a case scenarios. if there is an and a, would it not be cool to be able to have separted email areas for the same.

Having a system where the same email is forwarded to another domain mail can be counter intuitive, because if one of the email domains receiveds more emails than the other then the small account is disadvantaged.

Again, for the same organization, having multiple server for different email domains in some way would not make sense.

This is true, and I totally agree with that. every solution has its tools.

I would be ok having an email like and and have the same mail box, that may not be an issue, as long as I am able to send and receive email from either of the domain.
the problem comes with and or even support@ these would definitely require their own email account…

Do you not agree with this. or what is the best solution you have for this scenario.


I’d define them as mail aliases pointing to different user (or shared) mailboxes. What do you think?

ok, with regards to receiving, that would be ok. what about regards to replying. or even just sending mails from the address created as an alias.

on webtop, what are identities and what are their use cases.

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I use some aliases for my mail and Using thunderbird I can perfectly send and receive from alias addresses.
I practically don’t use a web client so wouldn’t know if you can use aliases with that.


An identity gives you the possibility to send from another mail address and could be what you’re searching for.


You can.

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And what about the topic How to make users for second maildomain?

With the solution of saitobenkei?

@mvh: that is what is possible now with either Samba4 AD account provider and LDAP. In fact you still have 1 user domain (in your example local.lan
There you create users and you assign them alias email addresses with other MAIL domains,
(Note the difference between a user domain and a mail domain)

I use this for my personal mailserver too. I have about 10 different domains registered. I actively use 3 of them as maildomains. I have created several Alias email adresses for each maildomain for my personal account.

You are right there is only one user domain @local.lan, correct me if I’m wrong but I think the following will be possible:

sales.domain1@local.lan with smtp mailaddress
sales.domain2@local.lan with smtp mailaddress

Yes that is perfectly possible. But keep in mind that the mailadresses are Aliasses for the user.

I know but perhaps this will be a solution for oneitonitram. In WebTop itself there is even more possible but you will run into trouble with Samba AD if you don’t use @local.lan

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to avoid any kind of trouble ill have to test that on a separate testing server with some 2 to 3 domains, which will atleast enable me to see how it functions on a real case before deploying to my main server.

but I wish one could be able to create user @aaaaaa.tld and user@bbbb.tld
instead of just aliases

Hi Nitram,

A few month ago I did some tests because I also wanted a multi tenant solution with Nethserver but to be honest it’s to complex to maintain. There are possibilities in WebTop to use it as a multi tenant solution but you will ran into trouble if you want to use AD and so on. I myself found the solution to install multiple Nethserver servers in Proxmox. Nethserver uses far less system resources than Windows and Exchange.


Exactly! And only one of them could run the anti-spam and anti-virus filters that are memory consuming in front of the others

how did the tests go, na dhow is the general overlay of the same.

I only make use of Ldap on the mail server, which also authenticates other services.

All tests went well but I did not test the antivirus or the spam filter because I use a Sophos XG appliance. I have tested Webtop, OwnCloud, LDAP and Active Directory. I tested an iPad and an iPhone with email, calendar and contacts and ActiveSync and I tested Webtop with TBSync and Mozilla Thunderbird on a laptop with email, calendar and contacts and it all worked properly.

I have encountered some problems finding the right time zone settings, especially with TBSync and Thunderbird, but that also works. I think Nethserver can be a worthy replacement for Microsoft SBS if users are willing to give up MS Outlook. Webtop with OwnCloud also works fine in a browser and then Thunderbird is not necessary