NethServer MacOS samba share issue

Good day.

We are using NethServer 7.8.2003 and we’ve encountered the following problem with samba share module:
There are 8 windows and 1 MacOS client connected to our server via samba share, there are no problems with the 8 Windows client. However, when it comes to the MacOS client (Catalina version)
the client can’t access (cant even see) certain folders, despite having all permissions needed to do so.
Can you help us resolving this issue?
Are there any settings specific to MacOs?

Thanks you in advance for any help.

Do you know which version of SMB protocol does Catalina use?



I’m a longtime Mac user and until 2 weeks ago I had a Catalina Macbook. (Top up to date!)
There were NO issues accessing my home NethServer, nor other NethServers. All drives were shown. NethServers all also on 7.8.2003.

The Mac should use the DNS of NethServer, but otherwise no special requirements.

Unless an update the last two weeks changed the game.

Apple doesn’t use Samba anymore, they built their own SMB Client/Server.
This does support newer protocolls, AFAIK, but I do not know how good older (eg SMBv1) are supported. But, as I said, it worked without problems.

My 2 cents

Pretty sure not only SMBv1 but also SMBv2 was gone from Catalina and SMBv3 is the default.

I am not disputing that, but i’m asking

Also Windows do not use Samba, but manages different versions of SMB protocol :wink: