Nethserver join domain to Nethserver/AD

there are two servers:

  1. server A nethserver 7.5.1804, AD/DC, DNS, ip machine, ip AD.
  2. server B nethserver 7.5.1804 , dns server set to server A (

when I join the domain server as Active Directory from server B, it fails with error

the user “administrator” on server A is enabled.


I add the result of nmap of the server


Does it work if you join to the AD DC ( instead of It should work without AD DNS setting too.

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Hi Markus,



Can you ping/nmap

No, ip is not reachable with ping/nmap

This might be the root cause of your problem. It looks like the NSDC (container where Samba4 accountprovider is running) is not reachable.
Can you check on your server where the NSDC is running (Server A in your case) if the NSDC has been created correctly and is running?

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Can you give a db networks show on your Server A? Just to check if the bridge adapter has been created correctly.
And to rule out obvious culprits: You did activate the administrator account and the password for administrator is working correctly?

You didn’t mention this, but it might be important to know: what is the IP address of ServerB? and how is it connected to the rest of the network?

I would say no

do I have to create a new logical interface?

That looks just fine. What bothers me is that you can not contact/ping your NSDC.
Can you do a db networks show on Server B too? Could it be that there are conflicting IP’s on your network?

If I do a netstat [IP-of-NSDC] from my NethServer I get a response like this:

[root@ns7 ~]# netstat
Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State

In your case do a “netstat” from your ServerA and you should get a similar output.

Which is IP Address of Server B?

It’s on green subnet?
Edit: @Robb sorry you already asked. :frowning:

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Your DNS server for the domain SHOULD be the NSDC container. The .2 in your case. Make sure the default gateway is correct as well, else it will have trouble finding the address. This should be a routing device like your router, or firewall in some cases.

Edit: sorry, you are way past my remark, ignore it :confused:

Server B

there are no IP conflicts on the network

And when you go to Server A web admin interface. What does it say under Status / Domain accounts?

Are these physical servers or virtual? How are they connected to What kind of device is ?

Just doing a wild guess here:
Is ServerB a virtual server and configured with a NAT interface, but having an IP on the same subnet as the host? If so, change the NAT interface to Bridged interface and it should all work.

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Virtual server, over SAN. it’s the firewall server, it’s a physical machine.