Nethserver join AD with VPN

NethServer 7.5 (RC)
Module: nethserver-dc

Hello! I am trying to bind a Nethserver to a domain controller through an OpenVPN tunnel.

My scenario is as follows:

Nethserver 1 (Cloud Vivo)

Nethserver 2 (Local) - DC

Nethserver 3 - Firewall

Range VPN:

The VPN is closed between Server 1 and Server 3 (Firewall), in the same I have set the DC IP as DNS and Google as secondary.

On server 1 I have set the IP of the firewall as DNS and I can communicate normally through the VPN with the DC server, but when trying to join the domain happens failure.


Any tips?

Your AD DNS server is your NSDC container?

Yes, that’s it.

Never mix private and public DNS forwarding!

Right @devidep!

I used it this way because I picked up another post here in the community that the guy used so and it worked, in my case it did not.

I removed the DNS from Google and left only the location and also left the services, after that the server entered the domain. Thank you: D

Where is it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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