Nethserver ISO: Download Speed

Is this serious?

I’ve seen slow downloads of the ISO before. Maybe it’s intentionally by sourceforge but if you accept their ‘privacy policy’ the download speed seems significantly faster…
IMO an unacceptable way of forcing you to accept unwanted cookies.

And yes, we did see this before:
(I see that link points to a discussion in the ambassadors section… you might not be able to see it)

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And I was just thinking, many potential installations didn’t happen because prospective customers were put off by it. After all, a well available download is part of a professional offer.
Maybe we should have a Nethserver module, where Peer2Peer downloads from existing installations could be offered, if Nethsesis itself wants to avoid the traffic.
Then everyone would contribute some of their bandwidth to reduce the access barriers.

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I’d be happy to host the ISO on my VPS (400Mbit up/down) as part of a distributed / torrent download…

#metoo. :grin:

This seems like a good idea, though obviously on an opt-in basis. BitTorrent is already a thing, of course, and seems like kind of an obvious way to distribute the ISO. But really, whether by way of a network of mirrors or otherwise, there needs to be a better solution for direct downloads.


There is already a torrent: Download NethServer from

Also from our mirrors:


As we are below 2GB, we can try to distribute the ISO with GitHub releases. Please give it a try!

Reference: About releases - GitHub Docs


ISO was downloaded in 73 Sek. This is really o.k. :+1: :smiley:
15 MB/s this is the maximum I can get.


Let me know if you want to have the ISO on a non-torrent mirror, I should be able to do it fairly easily with the only limiting factor being the VPS NIC Throughput for the first 2-4 downloads and then just the CDN throughput restrictions (which are fairly high tbf)