Nethserver integrations with active directory 2008


I am having difficulties in making Nethserver integration into slavery my server 2008 AD.

I did the DNS settings and windows server 2008 team in

The nethserver returns me that concluded with errors but not locate the information in the log.

How can I make testing step by step?

someone has to how?



Hi @willaraujo, did you follow this procedure?

Yes, I put in the Primary DNS configuration My Server AD- (AD-Windows server 2008) the secondary (my second DNS)
My AD is set to NTP server.
my configurations

my Realm
my domain
LDAP Acount
cn = administrator, cn = users
Note: I can ping the AD Server and Domain by name and IP
By clicking submit it asks username and password AD
The system returns with two errors.
But not locate the information in the log.

If you can help.
You can pass the test process step by step?



well… could you post them, at least as screenshot?

thank you

Segue a tela com a Mensagem de erro

You must user the admin user inside the AD. Usually it is “Administrator”.

good morning
I use Windows Server 2008 with the Portuguese Language Brazil - PT-br.
The administrator user on the PT-br system’s “administrador”.
Is there any log you can post?

Can someone help?

Are you using that credentials for your windows server login? It seems that NethServer couldn’t using them.
Could you try with “administrator” into LDAP branch and username ?

Good afternoon!
The same mistake. I use Win 2003 Srv (russian)

@willaraujo @Yan_Sivitskiy do you have sorted out?