Nethserver installation problems

I’ve been running nethserver for a year+ as my home dc. It’s been running on an old athlon 64 6000 (yeah baby) and it’s been great, does what I want and never goes down.

I’ve got a couple of laptops lying around and noticed the old 1.5tb drive I pulled off the shelf for the server was showing signs of failure. Sarkari Result I took an image of the drive and as a hail Mary imaged it to one of the laptop drives, id like to replace the dc with one of the laptops. It booted but the network config was a mess. Showbox After messing around a bit I decided to do a clean install and create a new domain (new house new domain name

It completes the install fine, but every time I try to create the new domain it fails with the same error. This is the first task I’m trying after install and all packages download and install fine. It installs the dc with my configuration but then hits the same error on the kerberos config file everytime. IIRC it said failed to expand etc/kxxx.conf (I can’t remember the file name from memory)

Has anyone else experienced this, could it be a hardware specific issue? I’m just going round in circles at this point

I don’t understand. Are yoy trying to change FQDN after install Domain Controller? This is not possible.

Is this a new issue with system fully updated or are you referring to / copying from a question asked somewhere else 4 months ago?

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