Nethserver installation on Centos 7.8.2003 Fails

NethServer Version: ethServer release (7.7.1908)

I am trying to Install Nethserver, but i am geeting the error.

[WARNING] CentOS release (7.8.2003) should match NethServer release (7.7.1908)!

AFAIK, no NethServer for CentOS 7.8 currently released.

oops, and thats the only version of centos 7 available for me to install, when is it expected to be available. Looks like most vps providers have already updated

You may downgrade Centos to 7.7:

but when nethserver 7.8 is released, i will be able to upgrade back. right.

And when is Nethserver 7.8 coming out. i saw on the repo page it is there, but not on main release


I don’t know but no hurry! Better test and ensure stability than releasing too quick.

We are almost there, at least for a “development” mode that might be a workaround for you, once it has been merged.


@davidep i think i will go with that option.

I have been trying to downgrade, and am not sure where the issue is not possible on this server to downgrade. though i have tried on other servers.

Let me install the dev version of nethserver 7.8,

Question, when the final release is available, what will have to change?

@davidep i can even see the github page is being updated actively. as we are discussing here.

So should i sit on for the 7.8 release, looks like it is some few hours away

The PR was approved and merged.

Check out development instructions here:

Remove the template-custom

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