Nethserver Install Sees No Drives on sas2008 SAS Controller?

I am new to nethserver and tried it out on an older i3 spare computer i had and it worked great.

Now I am ready to install it on my old trusty baremetal hp 24 bay server with sas2008 card in it (LSI 9240). After I burn the disk and try and install it gets to the install screen and when I select the drive section it says no drives found. I have 2x 900GB SAS drives in there I want it installed to.

Any ideas how to get it to install?

7.7: your_version
Module: your_module

In the past, we had similar issues when using “used disks”, disks already partitioned or formatted.
You could try zeroing the disks.

Consider reading documentation about this controller on CentOS7
Also, consider to take a read on HPE documentation about your server and CentOS7.

You can still “nethify” your CentOS7 after installing the system.

Hello two things some of the old SAS contollers do not wor with HDD biger than 2TBytes. But yours are smaler. So nomaly you had to config them by Bios of the LSI RAID Controller, Somtimes the Sever Bios dont do that. Then you need teh Contoller Manger and the drivers.

If the controller dont like the drives :frowning: you must erase everything, thats working.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd bs=100M

That is writing 000 on the drive. Please be shure that ist the corect drive… Dont brake it it stops by them self…

somtime gdisk ist helping and faster.

gdisk /dev/sd

I think expert and zap

Thats erasing Efi style partiontabels …

Any news, @icedigger?