NethServer in Linux Format magazine

Linux Format magazine (issue 256, November 2019, UK version) has a feature on “Server distros” this month looking at CentOS, ClearOS, Debian, NethServer and Zentyal.

The reviewer doesn’t like the NethServer installation which is a “nightmare”. But the “community-hosted forums and how-tos are second to none”.

Overall NethServer comes 2nd after ClearOS but “Make no mistake, this is as good as the winner”.


Thank for the idea, I would love to see the same article in France, Probably I need to write the article :D, but I am too enthusiast to be true :smiley:

Linux Format is published by Future Publishing. I’m sure they publish in many other countries. Maybe not France?

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We should look for the complete issue. Thanks for reporting it, I’m so proud of this community!

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I’m not inclined to buy the issue to find out why, but this is honestly puzzling to me–it’s pretty much boot the ISO, click Install. It’s hard to imagine a simpler installation process.


I’d like to read the part regarding NethServer, but i won’t subscribe to the magazine.

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Anaconda bites again… with custom install?



"The Anaconda installer, once a beloved favourite for many a Linux distributions, has gone downhill, especially in comparison to the straightforward installers of the other distributions featured in this Roundup .

This is especially evident when installing NethServer. During our tests, the installer often faltered at the disk partitioning stage. We managed to install it successfully just once, and even then it was after repeatedly going over the disk selection and partitioning phase of the installer. This is because the installer kept complaining of no disk being selected. Worse still, we couldn’t replicate our success again and were forced to give up."


I shared about disk size problem with a nethesis partner last week, for a disk size superior to 2t, his loved way is to install centos, then switch to nethserver

Bah… when I was evaluating servers, ClearOS was one of the first I discarded.